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Sunday, May 31, 2020
/ Divan News
Some major events of SAC over the past year were reflected in the newest issue of ECOSAI Circular, Autumn 2018

The newest version of ECOSAI Circular included some important events and news on SAC in 2018. The following items are among the most outstanding news covered in this issue:
* The 6th Joint Seminar was held between SAC and Audit Board of Republic of Indonesia (BPK)

* President of SAC delineated the macro-policies and directions of SAC

* President of SAC paid a courtesy call on the Chairman of the Parliament

* Prof. Dr. Adel Azar attended the XIV ASOSAI Assembly in Hanoi, Vietnam

* Representatives of SAC participated in the ECOSAI Seminar in Istanbul, Turkey

* President of SAC unveiled the Second Strategic Plan and BINA Project




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